Welcome! The TinyCOBOL project is a COBOL compiler being actively developed by members of the free software community.

The long term Mission is to produce a COBOL compiler which is COBOL 85 standard compliant, or at least as close as reasonably possible.

TinyCOBOL is avaliable for the IA32(x86) architecture and its distributed under the following.

topic NEWS

October 23, 2002:
Version 0.59 released.

June 13, 2002:
A full BeOS port of version 0.58 is now available courtesy of Matt Verran.

June 4, 2002:
Version 0.58 released.

May 21, 2002:
TinyCobolWiki moves to a new home.

April 13, 2002:
A preliminary BeOS port is available courtesy of Matt Verran.

March 12, 2002:
TinyCOBOL works with embedded SQL using Firebird SQL.

February 26, 2002:
Version 0.57 released.

January 29, 2002:
Version 0.56 released.

December 30, 2001:
Berkeley's DB version 1.85 is ported to the Win32 platform using Mingw32.

December 11, 2001:
The TinyCOBOL compiler is ported to the Win32 platform using Mingw32.

December 4, 2001:
Began testing TinyCOBOL for COBOL 85 standard compatibility, using the NIST test suite.

October 29, 2001:
Version 0.55 released.

October 25, 2001:
The TinyCOBOL.org domain is registered by Rildo Pragana.

July 11, 2001:
Version 0.54 released.

June 14, 2001:
Introducing TinyCobolWiki , a WikiWiki (group-ware) site.

May 28, 2001:
Version 0.53 released.

Our work is hosted on servers generously provided by SourceForge, which provide a home to a multitude of open source projects.