Stable releases and CVS snapshots sources for the TinyCOBOL compiler are available.

Current and some previous releases are available at .

Current and the older sources and binaries can be downloaded in TinyCOBOL project downloads area

topic Latest release: 0.66

How get a stable release copy of the TinyCOBOL:


To create a binary executable from COBOL sources using the TinyCOBOL compiler, the following should be installed in your system:

To compile the TinyCOBOL compiler and run-time library and from the sources, the following must be installed on your system:

Download List



tinycobol-0.66.tar.bz2 Source code Source code configured for MinGW
tinycobol-0.66-1.mingw.exe Setup MinGW binary (1)(2)(4)(5) MinGW binaries in ZIP format (1)(2) MinGW binaries and all libraries in ZIP format (1)(2)(6) MinGW run-time helper libraries in ZIP format (7)(8)

Release Notes

  1. Sample COBOL code sources and Regression test suite sources are not included in distribution.
  2. Utility programs binaries are not included in distribution.
  3. Sample COBOL code sources are included in source distribution.
  4. Win32 Inno setup and install executable.
  5. Includes compiler and run-time library only.
  6. Includes compiler run-time and all required libraries.
  7. Excludes compiler and run-time library.
  8. Includes the BDB, PDcurses and VB-ISAM libraries.

topic CVS Snapshots:

If you have CVS installed on your system, TinyCOBOL's CVS repository can be checked out via the anonymous CVS server.
The modulename isdevelopment.

The latest CVS development version can be browsed on the CVS repository web page.

topic Needed Packages:

VB-ISAM library

Important Note:

Effective with version 0.65, the TinyCOBOL run-time uses the VB-ISAM library (version 2 or later) for all indexed file I-O.



vbisam-2.0.tar.bz2 Source code for VB-ISAM version 2 MinGW binary for VB-ISAM version 2

Berkeley's DB library

Important Note:

The TinyCOBOL run-time uses Berkeley's DB library (1.85 API) for file SORTS.

While it is recommended that version 1.85.4 is used, any version 1.85 to 4.x can be used.

Note that which ever version used, only the 1.85 API is used, so upgrading to the latest release is unnecessary.



db-1.85.4-src.tar.gz Source code 1.85.4 Win32 MinGW binary

Berkeley's YACC

Important Note:

Effective with version 0.56, the TinyCOBOL compiler default parser is Bison.

Berkeley's YACC (byacc) version 1.9.3 is now an option.

Version 1.9.3 of YACC (byacc), which is available on this web page (see below), has been modified to handle huge grammars such as COBOL.

Using previous versions of Berkeley's YACC on the TinyCOBOL grammar, will result in an abort on a table overflow error.



yacc-1.9.3-1.tar.gz Source code for version 1.9.3 Win32 MinGW binary

topic PDCurses library



PDCurses Source code
PDCurses MinGW binaries PDCurses 2.4 MinGW binary

The latest source can be downloaded from the PDCurses home page.