Utility program to convert COBOL sources between formats.


       htcobf2f [ options=hVmxf ] [ -i input filename ] [ -o output filename ]


       A utility to convert from/to fixed COBOL source to/from free-form COBOL formats.

       The default input stream is standard input.

       The default output stream is standard output.

       Note this version will not automatically convert tabs to white space. 
       The expand (1) tabs conversion utility is better suited to perform this task.


       -h        Display help.

       -V        Print version.

       -x        Convert source to free format (Default)

       -f        Convert source to standard fixed column format

       -m <num>  Fixed format line multiplier. 
                 When converting to fixed format, number line with an increment of <num>.

       -i <file> Input COBOL source file to convert. 
                 Default is standard input.

       -o <file> Output COBOL source file. 
                 Default is standard output.


       htcobol(1),  expand(1)

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